The “M” Family : Hagerstown, MD

Everyone, meet Brittany, Chris, and their sweet dog Koda.  I’ve actually known Brittany for 23-ish years.  We went to the same elementary, middle, and high school and were great friends for many of those school years.  She’s been an amazing supporter and promoter of my photography for the past year and I was more than happy when she asked if I could take some pictures of her, her husband, and their dog that she could use for Christmas cards.  The photographer in me was excited to take photos of such good looking people, but I was more excited just to get to see her and meet her little family.  Even though we lost touch and hadn’t spoken or seen in each other in a very long time, it was as if no time had passed….she was the same sweet and ‘just as beautiful inside as out’ girl I knew way back when.  And she found a super cool guy to marry!

Back when we did this shoot, the sun was rising around 7:30 am.  For my regular job I was always driving around that time and was in awe of how gorgeous the fall sun was right around sunrise.  So even though it meant me waking up crazy early in order to make the hour and a half drive to Hagerstown, I sucked it up and asked Brittany and Chris if they could meet me at my Grandparent’s house at 8 am.  My Grandparents are surrounded by fields and farms (There’s actually a llama farm right next door!  But sorry, no llamas in their photos.) so it was the perfect place to catch the golden sun.  Brittany and Chris wanted colorful fall leaves in their photos so I felt horrible upon realizing that all the fall leaves were gone around my Grandparent’s place, but they were great sports (especially because I neglected to consider the fact that it would be so frikkin cold at 8 am….I’m so sorry Koda!) and trusted in my photographic talents to still give them some kick butt photos.

So maybe this isn’t ideal for a Christmas card, but I couldn’t resist this sunlight.

I just had to make her show off those boots.

Chris wasn’t the best at following directions like “Kiss Brittany’s forehead”, but it made for this so sweet candid.  Sorry Chris!  :)
But he finally caught on.
Nice little walk down to Antietam Creek.
Brittany, you are oh so pretty.  
And Chris, you’re not too bad yourself.  ;)
Handsome Koda!
Brittany, Chris, and Koda, thanks so much for the Christmas card!  They turned out great!!

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