Sam + Steve : Grand Historic Venue Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

I really am loving having my brides and grooms tell me what it is they love most about the other person.  It’s such an intimate glimpse into the relationship of people I sometimes don’t really know all that well so far, and yet they’re letting me into their world and their relationship.  It’s such a simple question, and a lot of times, as was the case with Sam and Steve, a fairly simple answer.  But those simple answers speak volumes and show that the love between two people so excited to get married is pure and easy and doesn’t have to be a complicated thing.  Steve loves how every day is so much fun with Sam.  I saw how he genuinely found joy in seeing Sam smile and dance and have the time of her life on their wedding day.  Sam loves how kind and considerate Steve is and how he always treats others with respect and genuinely cares about the people around him.  I had never met Sam and Steve before their wedding day because they live in Nebraska, and had never even talked to Steve over the phone.  After their first look was the first time I had even said a word to Steve.  Yet he immediately treated me as if he knew me and we were friends and was even offering to carry my bags around for me.  The groom was trying to carry my bags.  Nicest guy ever.  I really do love how I get to see these traits in my couples come to life before my eyes.  It just makes me smile  :)
What also makes me smile is thinking back on how I had this sweet bride and groom hanging out in the park across from The Grand Historic Venue after taking their portraits and waiting for the bridal party to come outside, and one of Baltimore’s finest ladies comes strolling along (who I also learned was hanging out with Steve and Marisa, my second shooter, right before we did their first look….so she was coming back for round two) and she started talking craziness and asked which one of us wanted to fight her and I quote “I mean physically fight” while taking one hand and punching it into her other hand.  Oh yeah.  The people you meet and the fun little quirks of a wedding day.  I have to say I was at a loss of what to do at that time and I felt horrible that this was happening to Sam and Steve while we’re trying to have a fun time with photos, but I’m sure they’ll look back on that moment and laugh just like I do.  And I’m glad that I get the pleasure of working with the absolute best brides and grooms that they could find humor in it, too.
Anyway, aside from the randoms we met in Baltimore, Sam and Steve’s wedding was one of the most enjoyable ones to date.  Genuinely fun and sweet people all around combined with the GORGEOUS Grand Historic Venue, absolutely seamless and perfect planning from Stephanie of Dream Day Planners, awesome music from Ivan of Crow Entertainment, and the just as awesome work of the rest of the vendors and people that had a hand in this wedding……….I really couldn’t ask for me.  And, as always, the kick butt photos and help from my second shooter Marisa!  :)
So Sam and Steve……who wants to fight me?  I mean like physically fight?!?!  ;)  Hope you love the photos you two!!

All the vendors!!
Venue: The Grand Historic Venue
Coordinator:  Dream Day Planners
Photography: Lauren C Photography
Second Shooter: Marisa of MisaMe Photography
Flowers:  Divine Designs & Events
Hair/Makeup: K.Co Designs Salon and Day Spa
DJ: Ivan of Crow Entertainment
Napkins: Dreamers Event Rentals
Invitations/Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas
Cake/Desserts: Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering
Bridal gown and tuxes: The Bridal Boutique

I don’t normally do “special” edits to photos….I like to keep things clean and natural.  But I loved this photo so much I played around with it just a little bit and love giving it a more vintage feel.  
Steve, it’s a topiary!!  ;)

Rosie + Jeremy : The Mansion at Valley Country Club Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

I love cheesecake!!  Not only because it’s super delicious, but it also brought these two lovebirds together.  Rosie and Jeremy met as coworkers at The Cheesecake Factory back in 2008, when Rosie was a hostess and Jeremy was a server.  They went on their first date on Rosie’s 21st birthday and the rest is yummy, delicious history, all leading up to their beautiful wedding at The Mansion at Valley Country Club where they committed their lives to each other.
One of my favorite things to do now is ask my brides and grooms what they love most about each other.  And then I love it even more when, after spending a little time with them, I can see exactly what they described in the other person.  Rosie told me, that with Jeremy, she loves his sense of humor and his ability to always cheer her up.  People seriously, if you need cheering up or need a good laugh, hang out with Jeremy.  He’s constantly being goofy and making faces (you will definitely see this later) and just spending time being happy.  Then Jeremy told me that, with Rosie, she is sweet and sincere and makes him feel loved even when they aren’t together.  He said that he often has coworkers ask him why he’s so happy all the time, even during stressful work days…..and she is the reason.   And then he added in at the end “Plus she’s hot”!   I won’t comment on the “she’s hot” part….ok whatever fine, she’s hot Jeremy…..but Rosie is one of those people that has sweetness running through her veins and you can’t help but love her…..even though you don’t want to because she’s hot.  Haha!  ;)

Yes, Jeremy has a twin brother, Josh.  It’s not a camera or photoshop trick.  And yes, I got duped by them at the beginning of the day.  But we won’t talk about that.  Punks.  But I do have to talk for a second about the amazing Marisa, my second shooter for the day.  I feel bad for even putting some of these photos on my blog because some of the most gorgeous ones in this post were taken by her.  She kicked serious butt for me at this wedding when I got a little frazzled with running around having to take some of the required pictures and I asked her to do things like take some bridal portraits of Rosie in the bridal suite.  And her classic close-up sunflare portraits during the bride and groom portraits which I had 5 minutes for.  Legit only 5 minutes.  And I had to fight for that so that it wasn’t only 2.  Ugh.  Yeah.  Anyway, Marisa is the best.  :)

The wonderful vendor list!
Venue and Catering : The Mansion at Valley Country Club
Hair : Image Is…..Salon
Makeup : Fresh Faces by Cindy
Flowers : Sheila Smith
Photography : Lauren C Photography
Second Shooter : Marisa of MisaMe Photography
DJ : Santana Entertainment
Cheesecake : The Cheesecake Factory
Bridal shop : Amanda Ritchey Bridal & Beauty

And so begins the many times the Zoolander face makes an appearance…..
Daddy’s first look!  
Dude seriously.
It wouldn’t stop.
First touch.  So sweet  :)
Marisa, I love you  :)
Color or B&W?  I couldn’t decide!
5 minutes is already up??!!  Oh well, what can you do?!  Haha!!

Lindsay and Scott’s Annapolis Engagement Session {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Some of my brides and grooms are a little nervous about being in front of the camera and that’s totally fine……it’s my job to ease them in to it and help them see that it’s really not so bad and can actually be a lot of fun.  And seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being nervous….I totally freeze up and become a complete weirdo when a camera is pointed at me.  I can tell other people what to do with their body, but when it comes to me…..what do I do with my hands?!…..I can’t make a serious face, I just look depressed or angry!…..why does my chest get so red and splotchy??  I’m a hot mess.

And then there’s Lindsay and Scott……complete opposite!  Lindsay was the cutest, giddiest, most excited person to have her and Scott’s engagement photos done.  I LOVED it!  I could tell that she had been studying my photos because she knew exactly what to do when I asked for sultry or smitten and all the weird other words I might throw out.  And Scott….well Scott was happily along for the ride  ;)  But he ended up having fun too at my expense and making fun of me whenever I told them to cuddle or nuzzle.  Brat  ;)  I really did have a blast walking around the waterfront in downtown Annapolis with these two.  Even when I got us kicked out of a private marina.  Oops.  Whatever…..totally worth it because what we were able to grab before the kicking out is some of my favorite stuff from the session!  I would do it again Mr. Yacht Club worker!

Anyway, I can’t wait for their wedding in a few months at Circle D Farm where, Scott, you’ll be doing some more cuddling and nuzzling!!

Sarah + Jake : UMD / Newton White Mansion Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Their first date was at the University of Maryland dining hall where they were both students.  And Jake said that, from the moment he saw Sarah’s green eyes, he hasn’t been able to get them off of his mind since.  He has fallen in love with her intelligence while she has fallen in love with his curiosity.  As Sarah’s Dad said in his speech, if there is a problem, Jake is there trying to solve it.  And if he can’t figure it out, he’ll go mull it over and research until he’s found the answer.  What an amazing trait this will be to carry over into being husband and wife.  No matter what may come along, Jake will never give up until he can figure it out and make it better.
These two have a true spark.  Full of life and genuine love.  As they said their vows and committed their lives to each other, Sarah and Jake smiled big and laughed aloud.  I really don’t think I have seen a bride smile and laugh as big as Sarah did throughout her wedding day.  Her happiness was contagious and I found myself smiling just as big behind my camera because of her.
And people….ummm….can we talk for one hot second about how gorgeous Sarah and Jake are?  Seriously.  SOO good looking.  Ok….I’m done  ;)

Aside from an absolutely amazing bride and groom, I was so spoiled that day by the out of this world lineup of vendors I got to work with.  The venue was beautiful and the food was delish.  The flowers were vibrant and gorgeous.  Jacob of EventPro DJ is so much fun and throws the best parties.  It’s GUARANTEED to be a great time when he’s around.  And then there is Lee and his awesome team from Clickspark.  I’ve been watching his videos with tears streaming down my face for a long time now.  No other video team will make you feel so much emotion and such a connection with a bride and groom that you don’t even know than the Clickspark team will.  It was such an honor to work alongside them for the very first time that day and I hope I get to again!!   And a big thanks to B for being my second!!

The team of vendors I was honored to be a part of for the day! -
Getting ready location: Greenbelt Marriott Hotel
Ceremony venue: UMD Chapel
Reception venue: Newton White Mansion
Photographer: Lauren C Photography
Videographer: Clickspark
DJ: Jacob Jensen of EventPro DJ
Caterer: Windows Waterfront
Hair and Makeup: Alexandra Wear of Wear Hair
Flowers: Flowers by Judy
Cake: SugarBakers
Second shooter: Banafsheh of Besa Photography

And I apologize…….this post has a TON of photos!!!

That’s Sarah’s brother…..he’s an amazing singer and he sang two songs during their ceremony.  I want him to come sing to me every day.  ;)
This light.  Oh this light.  I never wanted to move from that spot.  
Sarah, you are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
Sarah married a male model.  Seriously.  Good job girl  ;)

Courtney + Sean : Frederick Douglass Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

In Courtney’s own words, she’s simply-classic and he’s extremely modern.  She’s a financial institutions auditor and he’s an architect.  A waterfront building with exposed ceiling beams and a mix of brick and cinder block.  A simple white and pink cake with modern edges.  Wine bottles filled with strings of lights, wrapped in burlap and lace, set atop black and white baroque table runners and black cloth napkins.  I don’t think Courtney and Sean could have found a more perfect balance for their wedding day.  It was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end and I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had with these two.  I said it in their engagement session post and I’ll say it again…..they are such a pleasure to be around and have an absolutely wonderful way of bringing you into their world and making you a friend.  I’ll admit, I’m usually ready to hop into my car and slip on my Old Navy flip flops for my drive home and be done working a few hours into a reception (please don’t take offense to this my super awesome Brides and Grooms….I love you all but I’m an old lady and my feet and back hate me by that point!).  At Courtney and Sean’s reception….umm…..I kind of didn’t want to leave!!!  Everything was so much fun and so full of joy and I genuinely didn’t want to miss out on it all!!  But alas, my aching feet convinced me to go.  I’m sure that Courtney and Sean had the time of their lives dancing the rest of the night away with their family and friends and they are two people that truly deserved all the happiness and love that surrounded them that day.
Courtney and Sean…..I’m so in love with the portraits of you two.  You guys killed it!!  Thank you for being the awesome people that you are!  And yes, Sean, it’s so much easier when you remember to just breathe  ;)

The vendors who worked hard to make this a perfect day!
Hair & Makeup / Behind the Veil
Ceremony / St. Augustine Church
Reception / Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park
Flowers / Maher’s
DJ / The Pros
Catering / Absolutely Perfect Catering
Photography / Lauren C Photography
Cake / Simply Desserts
Wedding Favors / Berger Cookies

Best garter removal dance ever!  Haha!
It’s never a good thing when the boyfriend of the lady who caught the bouquet comes and stands behind her…..

W e d d i n g   W i r e