Stacy and Mike’s Quiet Waters Engagement Session – Annapolis, MD {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

One of my favorite things about this awesome job I have is getting to see the way that my couples interact and love each other.  Stacy and Mike have such a fun love.  They smiled and laughed their way through their engagement session at Quiet Waters Park like true best friends.  When that happens, the love a couple shares completely shines through in the photos and it just makes me so happy.  :)

Stacy and Mike, thank you for making me so happy that day and letting me be witness to the friendship that you two share.  I can’t wait for the end of the month to see you get married!!

Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-1.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-2.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-7.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-8.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-10.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-11.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-13.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-14.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-16.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-17.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-18.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-19.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-21.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-22.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-23.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-24.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-26.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-27.jpg
Quiet Waters Stacy Mike-29.jpg

Cecchinelli Family Maternity Photos : Savage Mill, MD {Maryland Maternity Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley and Alberto’s wedding back in 2012 and, afterwards, Ashley told me that they would probably be expanding their family at some point not too far in the future and I would be hearing from her when that happened so that we could do maternity photos.  Fast forward two years later and here we are!  What an honor!  It was great catching up with this sweet people and sharing some laughs about Alberto’s love of being in front of the camera  ;)  Ashley was absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day, and now being pregnant, she’s even more gorgeous.

By the way, what photographer asks a pregnant lady to step out onto rocks in the Little Patuxent River?  Yeah, this girl.  And what photographer has such awesome people to photograph that a pregnant lady would be totally down to do that?  This girl again!  But come on people, it was like a foot from the bank so don’t think I’m crazy.  She was totally safe.  And it was 100% worth it… favorite shots from the whole session!

Ashley, Alberto, and Devin……thank you for welcoming me back into your family for the day!  I’m so happy for all of you and can’t wait to see how beautiful your little man is!

Savage Mill Maternity-1.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-5.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-7.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-9.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-11.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-13.jpg

Ha!  These are the faces Alberto gives me…..

Savage Mill Maternity-16.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-15.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-17.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-2.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-21.jpg
One proud big brother  :)
Savage Mill Maternity-22.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-20.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-24.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-26.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-27.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-28.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-31.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-32.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-33.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-34.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-35.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-37.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-39.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-41.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-43.jpg
Savage Mill Maternity-44.jpg

Best of 2013 – {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

The 2014 wedding season for Lauren C Photography begins in just over a week!  Yay!  Before that starts, though, I wanted to take a minute to say a huge Thank You to everyone that had a part in making 2013 a wonderful year for me.  From the BEST brides and grooms around, to the wonderful families, newly engaged couples, and teens celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs….it was truly a pleasure to capture these once in a lifetime moments for you.  I really do have the best job, and you all were there to remind me of that and show me that love is the most beautiful thing in this world.  I am grateful for all of my 2013 experiences and looking forward to what’s in store for 2014!!  To all of my 2014 Lauren C Photography people….I can’t wait to see each and every single one of you!!  :)

And to all of the wonderful second shooters that I had in 2013….Marisa, Erin, Ashley, Banafsheh, and Sara…..thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  You all kept me sane when I needed it and helped to capture such amazing memories for all my clients to treasure forever.  Thank You Thank You!!!

Please enjoy some of my favorites from every single wedding and portrait session of 2013 (at least I think I got them all!!)!  :)

Westminster Riding Club-64.jpg
Christina Rob Esession-16.jpg
Kent Manor-86.jpg
Governor Calvert House-62.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club-158.jpg
Patterson Park-13.jpg
Chesapeake Beach Resort-129.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-48.jpg

Vendor Highlight : XOXO Vintage

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Amy of XOXO Vintage, a new specialty wedding and events rental company based out of Annapolis.  She wanted to network with fellow vendors in hopes that we can help each other out and hopefully collaborate on future events and shoots.  I’ve been in business for a little while now but I’ve seriously been lacking in the whole networking department, so I was thrilled to meet up with her one Friday recently over coffee.  Amy is such a sweetheart.  We chatted about all sorts of things and I really got to see the passion and drive she has for this business she has started.  She has a love for finding vintage furniture and bringing new life to old pieces.

I hope that our meet up was just the first of many times I get to see Amy.  I encourage all of my Lauren C Photography bride and grooms to contact XOXO Vintage if they want to add some beautiful flare and sparkle to their wedding or even for our engagement sessions!  She has some really cool stuff!  Which bride wants to use their fabulous pink couch for a session coming up??!!  How about that light up LOVE sign??  I’m serious people….let’s do some styled shoots!

Check out Amy’s site here and make sure to head over to Facebook to like her page and see what new stuff she’s working on and adding to her collection.  And remember how I said Amy is a sweetheart?  The proof is below.  After we met for coffee she gave me a personalized bottle of wine and box of chocolates and then sent me a Thank You card as well.  Love her!!  I have a feeling this girl is going to go far with a heart and passion like that.

Thank you so much for meeting with me, Amy!  Let’s head to an event soon!


Mo + Matt : Solomons Island Engagement Session {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

Mo and Matt’s Solomons Island engagement session got me super excited for the 2014 wedding season to start.  Beautiful people and a beautiful place can do that to you.  And not only are they good looking, but they’re really cool people…they’re both pilots in the Navy and fly big P-3 and P-8 planes.  I don’t know exactly what they are but it sounds pretty frikkin awesome.  And I seriously had so much fun walking around with these two in the very place that they met and where Matt lived for a while.  They were down for any photo ideas I had and jumped right into them, no questions asked, even if we had to get some giggles out first.  I loved seeing the way they flirt and interact with each other and they are genuinely fun people to be around.  I absolutely cannot wait to get Mo in front of my camera in her beautiful wedding dress because I know she is going to rock some bridal portraits.  And Matt will be one handsome guy waiting at the end of that aisle for his bride.  May will be here before we know it!  :)

Solomons MD Engagement-3.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-2.jpg
Mo….you are gorgeous, girl….
Solomons MD Engagement-5.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-8.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-10.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-9.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-14.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-17.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-19.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-22.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-23.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-25.jpg
LOVE this one.  So much.
Solomons MD Engagement-28.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-29.jpg
I’m obsessed with all these boat ones…..
Solomons MD Engagement-31.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-34.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-32.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-36.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-37.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-40.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-41.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-43.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-44.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-46.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-50.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-52.jpg
Solomons MD Engagement-55.jpg

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