MaryCarol + Chris : Federal Hill Engagement {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.  That’s what Google defines sultry as.  Throughout portrait sessions I’ll sometimes ask my clients to give me a more serious look….a model face….look smitten…..look sultry.  Some people can do it and some can’t, which is totally fine.  Me?  Ha!  I can’t at all.  But when I asked MaryCarol for it at one point during their session she rocked it out and I mentioned that she was totally giving me the sultry eyes.  That’s when we found out that Chris didn’t know what sultry meant.  After some laughs and my and MaryCarol’s best attempts of giving him a definition, Chris decided to try it out in a sentence.   “So I could say, ‘Look at that sultry chick’?”  I died.   I guess he’s on the right path.  ;) I genuinely had such a great time wandering around Fed Hill with MaryCarol and Chris, even if Chris kept trying to make me mad by constantly telling me “You can just photoshop that”.  They’re such a fun couple with great style (check out MaryCarol’s outfits!!  Love them!!) and great personalities and I have a feeling that their wedding at The Belvedere next year is going to be one of my favorites of the whole year….I’m calling it now  :) I can’t wait!!

MaryCarol, you are gorgeous!!
Say Hi to their dogs, Cooley and Tucker!  They made a quick appearance for just one family photo  :)

Mylynh + Randy : Old Town Alexandria / Mount Vernon Engagement {Virginia Portrait Photographer}

Where do I even begin on this one?  I guess I would have to go back to 6th grade because that’s when I first met and became friends with Mylynh.  There are some people in your life that, even if you don’t stay in touch with them for years, you know they will always be there to pick things right back up and forever call you their friend.  Mylynh is one of those people in my life.  I adore this girl.  She is truly one of the sweetest and most kind-hearted people on the face of the earth and I am so incredibly lucky to have met her and known her for so long.  When she emailed me a little while ago telling me she got engaged I was over the moon happy for her.  I had no idea she had a special guy in her life (again….years without catching up and she has kind of fallen off of Facebook, which is what I look at to pretend I still know what’s going on with people that I never see) so I was so happily surprised.  Randy is one lucky guy and, while I don’t know him very well seeing as how their engagement session was the first time I had ever met him, I know that he must be one incredible guy to have won the heart of Mylynh.  Mylynh told me that, ever since she saw I started doing wedding photography, she fell in love with my photos and hoped that whenever she found her man she would be able to have me take their pictures.  Wish come true, Mylynh!!  Yay!

Mylynh and Randy, I couldn’t have been happier to do this for you guys and, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!!  And thank you again for brunch!!  I’m still thinking about that andouille sausage and crab dip!  ;)   

After wandering around Old Town Alexandria and having Mylynh and Randy show me some awesome spots, we headed to Mount Vernon.  Under that huge tree you’ll see in a few photos down is where Randy proposed  :)

Krista + Eric : Federal Hill Engagement {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

Despite the fact that Eric is from Cleveland (poor guy), I still like him a lot and he did a great job at finding an amazing girl.  That pretty girl is Krista and Krista and Eric are getting married!!!  Yay!!  And I get to be there for it!!  Another yay!!

Enough with all the exclamation points……I truly have enjoyed getting to know Krista and Eric in the little bit of time we’ve spent together, and they are an incredibly cute couple that is down to earth and so in love.  I think their personalities are a perfect fit with mine…..especially being that Eric is such a good sport with me always picking on him about Cleveland  ;)

I can’t wait for their September wedding at Historic London Town and Gardens!!  It’s going to be incredibly beautiful and so much fun!

I failed at narrowing down these ring shots.  I love them all!!

Jacqueline + Adam : Fells Point Engagement {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

I don’t know how other photographers feel when they find out one of their brides or grooms studies law, but it makes me super nervous when I send them my contract.  I know I’m stupid for feeling that way, but it always intimidates me and I wonder what in depth questions I might have to answer.  My worrying always ends up being all for nothing because I seriously have the sweetest couples.  Jacqueline, the most recent law student to make me nervous, is beyond sweet and kept reassuring me that she would not pick my contract apart.  Thank you, Jacqueline!!  ;)

I had such a great time shooting this engagement session with Jacqueline and Adam.  It was another cold day in Baltimore but the light was beautiful and I had two good looking people to put in front of my camera.  Jacqueline and Adam wanted their photos to look Baltimore-ish… include as much charm of the city as possible.  Architecture, views, and water all in one.  Fells Point provided the perfect backdrop for that and I love how it all turned out.  And can we all look at how gorgeous Jacqueline is and join in my excitement for when she is all dressed up as a bride and looking absolutely stunning next October at the Mansion at Valley Country Club!  You’ll be super handsome, too, Adam  ;) Can’t wait!!  

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