Laura + Tom : Belmont Manor Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

I don’t even know where to begin with this wedding.  I honestly, seriously don’t.  I guess I should probably start with the bride and groom and say that  Laura and Tom are all that I could ever ask for.  They are so cuddly with each other.  They’re completely into each other and smile, laugh, kiss, and basically just can’t keep their hands and eyes off of each other which makes for amazing photos.  They’re so much fun but can snap into serious as soon as you ask and they genuinely exude so much love.  Then there is Belmont Manor which is also all I could ever ask for.  I don’t think I even need to say anything more about it…’ll see in the photos.  Then throw in a huge, loving family, a group of bridesmaids that were goofy and fun (ummm……butt grabs and talk of not wearing underwear… know who you are hahaha!), and a group of groomsmen that also kept me laughing all day long and you have got Laura and Tom’s unbelievably amazing wedding.  I really don’t feel like I can do justice to just how beautiful and special this wedding was with my words, so hopefully once you start scrolling down the photos can do the talking for me.
I also cannot talk about this wedding without mentioning Kate.  Seriously Kate, you rock my socks.  I had the privilege of having Kate from Kate Ann Photography second for me and she worked her tilt-shift magic throughout this wedding and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her style infused into mine for this wedding.  You’ll see some photos that aren’t typically what you see from me and that’s probably because they’re from Kate.  And while they’re different, I think that she was the perfect complement to my style to help tell Laura and Tom’s story more completely and more beautifully.  Thank you so much Kate!!!

The amazing vendors from the day:
Venue: Belmont Manor
Hair: Carrie Vogel from Ariel Lewis
Makeup: Jodi Dunn from Ariel Lewis
Photography: Lauren C Photography
Second Shooter: Kate Ann Photography
Catering: Rouge Fine Catering
Band: Soul Patch Philly
Flowers: Hunt Valley Florals and Gifts
Dress: Amy Kuschel from Garnish Boutique
Jewelry: The Parisian Flea
Favors: The Original Fudge Kitchen and donations to Timmer’s Way to benefit the Tisch Center and their work against MS

**I apologize for the massive number of photos.  It was just THAT beautiful**

Laura found a lady bug on her bouquet!  :)
Tom gave all his guys special cuff links to fit their interests.  I asked all the guys what they were and they go down the line one at a time and each guy tells me something like a baseball from so and so game, or a football from so and so game, or a piece of a seat from whichever stadium, and then……a tree.  Ha!  Love it  :)
I loved this moment so very much.  Tom was just hanging out up at the alter talking and smiling while the bridesmaids are coming down the aisle.  I then turn to him to get some photos of his reaction when Laura makes her appearance but he just keeps looking at my camera…..smiling for the camera, not realizing that his bride is making her way.  I finally had to gesture to him to look over there and it was a complete moment of surprise that honestly took his breath away.  It was amazing and the look of shock at just how beautiful Laura was turned into smiles.  I loved it. 
So. Many. Portraits.  I couldn’t help myself.  

Jessica + Paul : Annapolis, MD Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

It was the first Christmas morning in their new home and Jessica was up bright and early with, as she describes, childlike excitement.  She and Paul exchanged gifts back and forth until Paul handed her a relatively large box to open.  She unwrapped it only to find another wrapped box inside.  Apparently Paul had always wanted to pull this joke on someone so Jessica played along and let him have his moment.  After unwrapping about 9 boxes she made her way to a jewelry box.  In shock that this was actually happening, she turned to Paul as he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  What started as a meeting through mutual friends at the age of 17 turned into forever after.  Then on the shore of the South River they said their I do’s as streaks of sunshine found their way through the clouds.  I am so grateful I had the honor of being amongst their family and friends to witness their marriage vows and document it in a way that they can cherish forever.  Thank you Jessica and Paul for choosing me.
While looking at the bridal party photos you may notice something a little different.  Yes, that is an adorable little baby and yes, that is Paul’s best man.  Best Little Man Jaxon;) While Jessica and Paul’s wedding day was beautiful, it was also very bittersweet for them.  Paul’s best friend and Jaxon’s father (also father to a sweet 2 year old little girl that was one of the flower girls), who was supposed to be Paul’s best man for the wedding, passed away after a tragic accident back in July.  This was only 12 days after little Jaxon was born.  To honor the memory of their friend, Jessica and Paul decided to have Jaxon be the best man.  I don’t think they could have honored their friend in any better way and it definitely filled some eyes with tears on their wedding day.  Jaxon was one best man I will never forget  :)

All the people that helped bring the day together:
Ceremony Venue: Laurel Grove Inn on the South River
Reception Venue:  The Lodge at Heritage Harbour
Hair: Cheryl Shields of Veil Studios and Katie Thomas
Photography:  Lauren C Photography
Makeup: Megan Sapp
Flowers: Michelle Sauers
Officiant: Ceremony by Heather Saul
DJ: Mark and JoAnn Ather
Linens: Rentals to Remember
Catering: Pit Boys
Cake: Marlene Garner
Stationary: Amy Humphrey
Dress: Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Boutique

He’s dancing with a tree.  Yep, sure is.  

Kat + John : Federal Hill Park Engagement Session {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

Things did not start off so great the morning of Kat and John’s engagement session.  Rain was coming down… really coming down……Kat and John couldn’t physically get to Fed Hill Park because of a race going on in Baltimore, and it was freezing cold.  Somehow, though, they found their way around the race after a little while and that gave the rain time to stop!  It was still freezing and windy, but Kat and John were total troopers and we ended up with some beautiful and colorful potraits!  I’m still obsessed over Kat’s blue sweater with the pink scarf.  I love when my bride’s bring the color!!  :) Can’t wait to see these two again at Elkridge Furnace Inn for their wedding next year!

Good luck with the rest of your fantasy season you two!!  ;)

Sneak Peeks!! – What’s coming to the blog :)

It’s been crazy busy over here the past few weeks with many amazing weddings, events, and engagement shoots and I have loved having so many different people in front of my camera!  Admittedly, I’ve fallen a little behind in blogging so I decided it was time for some sneak peeks!!  I can’t wait to show more photos of all these awesome people on the blog in the next couple weeks!

Jessica and Paul’s Laurel Grove Inn wedding –

Laura and Tom’s Belmont Manor wedding – 
Kat and John’s Fed Hill Park engagement session – 
Cole’s Bar Mitzvah with his awesomely fun family.  Don’t worry, we did the traditional formal photos, too, but these are way more fun to look at  ;)
April and Chris’s Frederick engagement session – 
Krista and Eric’s Fed Hill Park engagement session – 
Jacqueline and Adam’s Fells Point engagement session – 
Mylynh and Randy’s Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon engagement session.  I’ve know this girl since 6th grade and I’m so excited for her!!!
MaryCarol and Chris’s Fed Hill engagement session – 

Diana + Jason : Clear Ridge Nursery Engagement {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

Diana and Jason are such a sweet couple.  I had a great time getting to know them a little better as we were driven around Diana’s family’s nursery by our own personal sister chauffeur.  ;) What better way to do an eshoot than to have free reign over an entire nursery?!  Diana’s family owns Clear Ridge Nursery in Union Bridge so it was the obvious choice when it came to choosing a location.  Rows and rows of tiny trees, homegrown pumpkins, and hidden away hills…….it was perfect!!  I can’t wait to see them again for their Antrim 1844 wedding next year!!   Everybody should go to Clear Ridge Nursery to say hi and buy some plants and trees next Spring!!  :) 

This set might be my most favorite thing from the whole session  :)
Jason picked out a beautiful and unique sapphire ring for Diana

W e d d i n g   W i r e
T h e   K n o t