Becca + Mac : Tidewater Inn Wedding Second Shooting

Another second shooting opportunity I had this past summer was with the absolutely amazing and beyond sweet Carly of Carly Fuller Photography.  I had never met Carly before but we were social media friends so we weren’t complete strangers  :) I met up with her in Easton on the Eastern Shore and immediately fell in love with how she approaches photographing a wedding.  She knows how to pose women in flattering positions and commands attention like a boss.  I love learning from fellow photographers and I’m so thankful to have gotten to spend the day with her and her amazing clients Becca and Mac.  Their Tidewater Inn wedding was gorgeous and they made me feel like a friend.  Becca is like a super model and so sweet, and Mac is handsome and super fun.  For second shooting this wedding I am posting way too many photos, but that just shows how much I loved it.  Thank you for having me Carly, Becca, and Mac!!  

This was when their bridal party started making their way outside  :)
Mac isn’t quite as good at the hip pop as Becca is.  But it was a good try.  

Marcy + James – Federal Hill Engagement Session {Maryland Portrait Photographer}

I want Marcy and James to be my BFFs.  For real.  They are SO much fun!  Within the first few minutes of meeting them at Fed Hill (which was the actual first time meeting them as we had only previously talked on the phone), they were taking me to the two bars they had their first dates at….aka made out in….they’re words, not mine…..and James was already showing me some of his dance moves.  Lots of dance moves, silly faces, laughs, spins, twirls, dips, and jumps later we ended up with some awesome engagement photos that I think  you’re going to love.  I really can’t wait for their October wedding at The Admiral Fell Inn so we can have some more fun!  And it will be way warmer!!  :)
I love all this so so much  :)
“Hey James, go twirl Marcy next to that metal ostrich”.  Done.  No questions asked.  That’s my kind of couple!

Heather + Connor : Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding – Second Shooting

Chesapeake Maritime Museum Wedding-35
Now that it’s the “off-season” and I’m not consumed with editing photos from my own weddings, I’m finally able to go back and look through some of the photos I took while second shooting this past summer!  First up is Heather and Connor’s GORGEOUS wedding that I had the pleasure of second shooting with Maria of Maria Linz Photography.  I had never even met, let alone shot with, Maria before this day so I was excited to finally get to do both.  When she told me the wedding was at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels I couldn’t have been happier.  I had been dying to shoot there since I’m a little obsessed with waterfront venues and adore St. Michaels.

I had so much fun hanging out with Maria and seeing her approach to photographing a wedding day and I can’t thank her enough for letting me tag along!  And a huge thank you to Heather and Connor for being so sweet and welcoming and ummm SO GOOD LOOKING!  I mean seriously people.  :)

This view!  Ahh!
Portraits got cut a little short before the reception because it started to rain, so I’m so glad Heather and Connor had Maria take them out for some more portraits right before the sun set.  The sky was so dramatic and blue!
Thank you again, Maria!

Hagerstown Dairy Farm – A Special Project {Maryland Photographer}

My Mother lived and worked on a dairy farm when she was a teenager.  I don’t know a whole lot about it.  I know she had a cow she loved named Grace.  I know it gave her an amazing work ethic along with a stubborness that rubbed off on me.  I know she had to wake up and milk the cows before going to school.  I also know that the house is legit haunted.  My mom, along with my one Aunt, and several other people saw the two ghosts that “lived” there.  Spooooky!!

The farm is such a cool place and I would ride by it a lot when I was little with my Grandmaw, always wanting to stop by and be able to explore.  This past Thanksgiving my Grandmaw asked me if I could go there and take pictures of it for her…..the barn specifically.  The barn burned down years ago, from an unknown cause, but the stone structure still stands.  She told me she would love to have pictures of it before it all fell down or was taken down.   Obviously, I was concerned about trespassing and getting permission from the owners, which she told me she didn’t know.  The house was turned into 4 apartments for rent a while back so my sister helped me find the contact info of the owners (thanks, Jenny!).  I called them up, got permission, and drove up to Hagerstown one weekend and got some pictures for my Grandmaw, which I was then excited to surprise her with for Christmas.  The house has been kept up well for being more than 100 years old, but all the farm buildings are definitely showing their age.  It was really cool to be able to walk around and have my Mom point things out and try to imagine all the buildings and workings of the place when it was still a working farm.  Enjoy a few of the images from my little adventure!

That little building is the smoke house where people used to hang meats.  Mom said they used it as a play house.  
The stone structure of the barn still stands but you can see all the beams and everything still laying where they fell during the fire. 
It’s all kind of a mess.
This is the loafing barn, as my Mom called it.  This is where the cows would hang out before they got herded into the milking parlor, which was another small building behind me, in reference to where I was standing for this picture.  The cows would go in a single file line out of the loafing barn into one door of the milking parlor, get milked, and then go in another line out another door of the milking parlor and back into the loafing barn. 
There used to be two silos on the farm.  This is the only one still there.
That’s the Momma  :)


Cole’s Bar Mitzvah {Maryland Event Photographer}

I feel bad….I photographed this Bar Mitzvah forever ago and this family has had all their photos for a while, but I never got around to blogging about Cole and his awesome Bar Mitzvah.  Better late than never, though!

Bar Mitzvah’s are so much fun for me to photograph!  They’re a great break from weddings and I get to work with some really awesome families.  I don’t think you can get any more crazy fun than Cole’s family.  During the formal portraits I couldn’t get them to pose with normal smiles for more than like 2 seconds at a time before one of them broke out into some craziness.  And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!!  It made for lots of fun shots showing off their personalities and, let’s be honest, formal portraits can be kind of boring so it was a welcome crazy  :)
Cole’s Bar Mitzvah party was nothing short of amazing.  His family transformed their backyard into an incredibly beautiful party space complete with two bars, floating lights in the pool, food stations, large white leather couches for seating with “C” for Cole pillows, a fun dance floor, and a custom backdrop at the end of a red carpet for guests to take photos and enter into the party like celebrities.  Their friends and family danced and ate the night away in style and had a blast doing it.
A huge thanks to Cole and his family for sharing in the festivities with me!!

Grandma and Great Grandma got photobombed
This is Cole’s sister.  She’s awesome so we took a few seconds for her to rock out some poses.  I love this group of photos:)

A lot of people came together to make this party a huge success!  Among them included:
Catering: Zeffert and Gold
Tents and rentals: Loane Bros., Inc.
Planner: Sheri with rsvp
Entertainment: MC Chad with So Fresh Entertainment and Washington Talent Agency
Photography: Lauren C Photography
Valet: Jays Valet Parking
Favors: The Great Cookie

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